So what’s the deal with our new President?


It has been almost three weeks since the United States welcomed its 45th President. I say welcomed figuratively because in some aspects, and to some people, the reception was never primed. Now let me get something clear; nor do I support or reject President Trump and his ideas. I am, truly, an unbiased citizen of this great nation and I truly believe that this is the people’s will.

With that out of the way, it is fair to state both the good and bad out of the first 20 days of his reign.

1. So he wants to build a wall…

I have friends and family members that were in utter outrage when they heard about the implementation of a plan to build a wall. Why the *@^k not? Really, where is the barbarity in it?

Do we have a drug infestation problem? YES; do we have an excess in illegal immigration? YES; is he aiming towards a safer USA? I would say is a far shot, but, YES!

Look, we have had an uncontrolled immigration problem in the US since the 90’s. The influx of drugs coming through the border is in the billions of dollars annually and it is a treacherous condition to live under at the end of the day!

Now if his plan was to murder, convict or mutate any illegal immigrant caught crossing the border then trust on everything you love, I would be in utter rage too. However, that is not the case here ladies and gents! Someone, at some point, in some platform has to implement some sort of plan to protect our borders. Look, you go to any country of Latin America (where my parents are from) and you would have very small chances of staying there if you cross their border. Heck, you’ll probably be killed or imprisoned for it too!

America must know something that the news aren’t saying! There has been several incidents in which members of known terrorist cell have been caught crossing the border… yeah TERRORISTS!

According to U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis “recent reports state that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection has apprehended several members of known Islamist terrorist organizations crossing the southern border in recent years,” he said March 23, 2016.

Yup, build the damn thing!

2. Watch your mouth Donald.

I agree with some critics in the fact that his tone with regards to matter of international relations does need to be brought down a notch! A Trump representative put Iran “on notice” after said country conducted a test missile launch which violates UN Resolution 2231.

I agree with the fact that this country shouldn’t have access to anything that resembles a long-range missile; agreed! However (coma) he can’t just tell a volatile, mentally delusional, extremist like Hassan Rouhani “I’m putting you on notice”. We shouldn’t fear this psycho and we don’t but there are other ways to make a baby cry than by smacking his button on national TV!

Time to say adios!

Well guys, this was my first blog of hopefully many. Keep checking with us here at regularly.

Go forth and do great things!



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