The 2017 Iran-American War


The US is now inconveniently situated at a crossroads between a very subtle and submissive Obama versus a more rebellious and controversial Trump. For the most part, presidential candidates throughout history have been known for voicing out an array of wishful promises and guarantees just to get more ballots on their side. President Trump was not the exception as we all know. However, his promises included an assortment of pledges too controversial and provocative for any former presidential candidates to even dream of saying out loud.

This week President Trump has been very active in the international relations arena. Topics like border protection, illegal immigration, economic restructures and the coexistence with Iran have been red hot issues in every news source around the globe.

The resent friction between Iran and the US began after Iran violated UN Resolution 2231 by testing long-range missiles. Rightfully so, President Trump reacted against such action which clearly violates all agreements between a terror-prominent Iran and the UN. The fallacy lays in the context of his reaction. President Trump lashed out by putting Iran “on notice” which was a clear provocation as we have now seen the outcome.

Is there an Iran-American war in the horizon? The short answer is No, in my opinion, but that doesn’t mean the chances of it actually occurring aren’t high or likely. That doesn’t mean that the friction between us, Iran and its radical allies won’t amount to a progressive problem for the US.

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight! Iran couldn’t bear to withstand the military might of the US and its powerful allies; not a chance! However (coma), Iran isn’t a feeble adversary. Iran isn’t the type of country that would fold by just dropping in a few bombs and by sending our dominant military forces into. We have to analyze and conjugate the religion piece of the problem, a possible Fatwa!


A Fatwa is a ruling on a point of Islamic law given by a recognized authority. For Muslim extremists, it is used under a different scope; it’s applied as a pronouncement of death or a declaration of war. This is exactly what caused 9/11, the USS Cole attack and all other terrorists attacks since mid 1998.

The war in Afghanistan and Iraq are directly tied to a religious belief that all Muslims must do their part to kill Americans. This isn’t the same as a simple directive of Westerners; like a suggestion that we should all recycle in order to save our planet, not at all! This is an obligation, a duty and a commitment to successfully accomplish a religious commandment to honor a sacred legacy.

If we go to war with them, we won’t just fight just Iran. We would engage against Iran, its unpredictable allies (Iraq, Lebanon, Russia, Palestine, Syria), every single Islamic nation and every Muslim disciple who comes to interpret the war as a violation against their religion. This is exactly what happened in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and precisely what drove extremist groups like ISIS to have the incredible extent of popularity and support we now see.


Can we go to war against Iran? Absolutely, we have more firepower, a better economy and the mightiest war machine of our time. The real question is, SHOULD we go to war with Iran? The realistic answer would be, NO. We should avoid this tone of conversation with Iran and all other Muslim countries. Not out of fear, absolutely not, but out of wisdom and because we have already experienced the outcome of what a religious war.

This doesn’t mean we should fear, obey or agree with every terrorist-minded country in the globe. Our principles as a sovereign nation are unblemished and victorious. We represent the free will and the dream of anyone who wants a better future. We have, are and will always reach to help those who need a helping hand and those who want to stand on the right side of history.

That being said, those very same principles are what obligate us to avoid all wars if permissive.

Time to say adios!

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Go forth and do great things!



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