DEATH TO AMERICA, they chanted!

Last week the citizens if Iran took to the streets to publicize their fury against the US. According to Reuters news, hundreds of thousands of people rallied in the streets to publicly command death to USA and Israel. 

The press and national media are too busy pointing the finger in trying to allocate the source of such discontent from the Iranian people.  Conveniently enough, the best and most reliable target available is President Trump.  Now, don’t get me wrong I am not a Trump supporter nor do I thrive on his demise. I am, though, a conscious, four finger fore headed human which is able to see the REALITY of things.

The media is trying to say, that Trump is guilty of such outcome because he recently slammed the nuclear deal that Obama gave Iran. That because Trump put Iran “on notice” they, all of the sudden, became so angry at America that they now hate us.

Let me inform our readers of the candid REALITY of this situation. Iran has been publicly wishing for our death and our demise for at least 15 years now. Don’t believe for a second that Trump lashing out at Iran in the recent days, is the reason why we now have a NEW enemy.  

Iran is a terrorist state. They support terrorism, nuclear destruction, extremism, death and participate in bringing uncertainty to the US and our allies. They have been our enemy for many year. They have wished us death during the Clinton, Bush, Obama and current administration all along, nothing has changed!

Iran is a country that wants to remove the US from the face of the globe. That is a fact! It is also a fact that nuclear weapons do just that, wipeout entire continents indiscriminately. So why in the world would a president of this great nation strike a deal which allows, a hair triggered country like Iran, to have any kind of nuclear activity?!?!?

President Trump, child-like reaction and all, is the only president of our time that has publicly unveiled this terrorist state. No president, ever, should allow a terrorist country that looks to eliminate us to have any nuclear capabilities. No solemn, righteous, patriotic citizen of this country should ever permit the rest of our nation to be targeted in this manner.


This isn’t a Trump or Obama situation, this is a BE REALISTIC situation. The media is unable to categorize the reality of this treacherous condition. Look at the big picture for a second. Thousands of people from a different country are urging death to America and all we can think of is that Trump is a bully? Really?

I firmly agree with those that say that our president needs to receive better guidance on how to address these kind of situations. Heck, I even agree with those who say he isn’t the best fit for the presidency. But I refuse to believe that we should back down to Iran because they got upset after we rightfully called them out for violating UN resolutions.   


Conclusion: My intent isn’t to stir feelings of conflict between Iranians and Americans. The purpose of this article is to create and urge for a much needed awareness on this issue. Unfortunately for us, the media has anchored on the ability to raise their ratings by highlighting the wrongdoings committed by this administration. Remember that the doings of today could still be suffered after Trump is gone. The same thing happened with actions taken by Clinton, Bush, Obama and every other president before them.

We need to forget about blue or red affiliations and understand that at the end of the day, we the people, suffer the consequences of how crucial situations are handled.    


Time to say adios!

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