LOSE WEIGHT the smart way… WARNING, this is not your average weight loss guru!


I’m sure you, as the rest of all Americans, have seen and heard it all when it comes to shedding a few extra pounds. Some ads adversities magic pills, supernatural meals, Special Forces workout routines and some even promise you to make you lose weight with regression. Yeah, sure!

What I’m about to tell you is going to blow your mind! This is not a “magic trick” to making you look your thinnest, not at all! What you are about to read is going to change your perspective on getting fitter and living a healthier life.


The first thing I want to tell you is that I am living proof of this. I once was 210 lbs of pure fat. Now I have been able to maintain a healthy weight of 175 for almost 8 years now. There is no magic pill or voodoo practice needed.

Step 1. Excessive eating is your #1 enemy!

This is the hardest habit to overcome but the most rewarding of them all! This nutrition plan isn’t your average but it will be easy and affordable to do.

-Breakfast: whatever you decide to eat needs to be in small amounts. Eat enough to keep you going but half of what your current portion is. Also, YOU MUST AVOID greasy foods (bacon, sausage, excessive butter, mayonnaise, etc). Exclude high sugar content foods from your breakfast (sodas, artificial juices, jelly, etc).

Example of the ideal breakfast: 1 or two loafs of bread (toasted), scrambled or boiled eggs, ham or turkey, a banana or ½ apple, a cup of water or half a cup of natural juice.

-Lunch: 8-10 oz of protein (chicken, fish, turkey, ham, goat, lamb, steak), all the vegetable you can eat, a small side starches (potatoes, rice, bread, plantain), a big cup of water (no sodas or juice) and dessert (a small side of anything you want to eat as dessert).

-Dinner has to be the smallest portion of food you have and cannot be consumed after 7pm.

An ideal dinner can be: 2 toasts, half a can of tuna, a slice of cheese and a cup of water. DO NOT CONSUME sodas, juice, fried food, cereals, bacon, pancakes, heavy protein or sweets.



Step 2. Any exercise is good exercise!

You must commit to workout for a minimum of 15 – 20 minutes at least 3 times a week. If you don’t exercise along with a good, balance diet then you are doomed! We need to understand that the body needs to sweat and needs to burn toxins stored in your body. This is the only way to lose weight.

home work


You must believe in yourself. This is not an impossible task as you can see and the sooner you start getting in a rhythm the sooner you will start seeing your body change. Have faith, create a plan, stick to your guns and surround yourself with people who support your new eating habits.


This is going to be the simplest diet plan you would ever see and I promise you, when you start feeling and looking better, you will be addicted to the new and improved you.



Time to say adios!

Keep checking with us here at whogivesablogg.wordpress.com regularly.

Go forth and do great things!


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