Venezuela WILL rejoice in democracy again, but not until after 2020.


The South American country of Venezuela is at a point of such crisis that would take at least 30 years to revert. This once rich and prosperous nation has now been labeled the poorest country in the hemisphere after surpassing Haiti with immense poverty levels and corruption.

Here are some figures for you to understand the deterioration that is taking place in Venezuela. The figures show that 82% of Venezuelan households live in a condition of poverty, of which 52% are in extreme poverty and 18% are close to entering this category. In 2014, 51% of Venezuelan households were considered poor, 24.8% were in moderate poverty, and 23% were in extreme poverty. According to CNN the average minimum wage of Venezuelans is $67 a month. It is nearly impossible for anyone to survive under such low income and definitely an unreachable dream to buy a house or a car.

If you ask any citizen living inside the country or abroad, they will indisputably affirm that there is a brutal regime governing the country. Some would even go as far as calling it a narco-communist regime because of the many confirmed cases of drug deals involving the current government and its Bolivarian Officialist members.


This regime has murdered, persecuted, jailed, starved and degraded its own people for nearly 17 years now since the late President Chavez took office.  The situation is so dire that the country’s own military forces (Guardia Nacional y Fuerzas Armadas Bolivarianas), who are supposed to protect and defend the people, are killing innocent protesters who take the streets to protest against the regime.


The country is at a brink of collapsing because President Maduro has proven, time and time again, that it is not in his top list of interests to ensure a safe and secure environment for Venezuelans. All basic needs for humans have long gone and there is nothing being done remediate their absence. There is no food, no medicine, no water, no national security, no passports for travel, low income, hi poverty, no sovereignty, NO HOPE!. Furthermore, even basic items like toilet paper, soap, diapers, baby formula, tooth paste and female products have become a luxury for the majority of the population.

The point of this blog, WHY NO DEMOCRACY UNTIL 2020?  

The only option left for Venezuela to resolve this dire conflict is to wait for international involvement.  The only external force that has the manpower, capabilities, funds and that is able to step up to the plate is the US. The United States is known for coming to the aid of countries that are in the brink of collapse for example; Somalia, Haiti, Iraq, Panama, etc.

Unfortunately, this godsend miracle is unlikely to happen until the end of Trump’s current presidential term. Its is no secret that Mr. Trump doesn’t have a large Hispanic following which is going to be a “must have” when he runs for his second term in 2020.  The situation in Venezuela is so colossal that it has now become an international matter in which the UN has become greatly involved.


To each its own!

Yes, the US is the only country in the planet that puts its own interests and resources at risk for the sake of other’s, however, its not a free pass and it never will be. Just like all governments there are needs to be met in order to keep things rolling, specially in for a notorious country like the US.

It is in President Trump’s best interest for things in Venezuela to get a lot worse and to become a lot more internationally condemned by the time re-elections come around so that he comes to save the day and, unavoidably,  win over the Hispanic vote. Think about it, it makes complete sense!

Don’t misread what I’m saying, this is by no means a low blow against the US, their international politics and/or towards Trump. In fact, any assistance they can give countries like Venezuela is much needed and well overdue.

The FACT that the current Venezuelan President is Colombian shows as proof to the piracy going on within that country’s government. Yeah, you heard right, there is a COLOMBIAN BORN citizen governing VENEZUELA. If this isn’t the craziest fact you have ever heard than I don’t know what is.

I hope a different reality for Venezuela disproves my analysis and prediction of 2020 because this country and its people are literally dying as we speak. I hope and pray change comes to this beautiful country soon and drasticly.


Time to say adios!

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Go forth and do great things!


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