Support the Travel Ban or suffer the consequences.


As an Afghanistan Veteran and an intelligence analyst I have been involved in many missions that embark towards the dark side of the unknown. The reality is that most people from the Middle East are goodhearted, hardworking, profound, spiritual individuals; truly excellent human beings! However, there is a small percentage, about 0.1%, who are extremists with ties to terrorism.

I want to keen on a special broadcast aired last night (02/06/2017) from the news network CNN Español. This hour long special report, with a full year of investigations and analysis,  depicts exactly why we need to reevaluate and examine immigration policies for countries in the Middle East and perhaps expand the ban to other regions of the world.

The travel ban or travel restraint (whatever is being called today), has been on and off since it was implemented by president Trump. The 7 countries under this ban are Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. There has been a wide response to such order and the protests have not ceased, for the most part, by those who oppose this action and who support immigration.

I definitely understand and could side in some areas with those fighting to reject such action but the reality of life is that WE ARE AT WAR and harsh measures must be taken. Most civilians may not see the big picture and may not understand the capacity of the problem. In reality, the current uncontrolled immigration issue is a big one. A situation far beyond the comprehension of those who are not involved in enforcing our national security.

Key Point

According to this remarkable report, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is assumed to have illegally sold original travel passports and ID’s (Cedulas) to a large number of men and women from the Middle East. Evidence shows that hundreds of people from Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon and others are currently traveling the world with valid credentials from this country. These are people who were not born in Venezuela and have never even set foot in this South American region.

This is a huge problem for the US and for the international community. Fortunately, you cannot enter the US just by having a Venezuelan’s passport; Venezuelans need a US visa in order to obtain access to this country. However, there are more than 120 countries to which Venezuelans are allowed to travel without the request of a visa and this is where the problem lays.


Many countries in Europe, Africa, Latin & Central America and the Caribbean allow Venezuelans to enter their homeland without a visa. If a terrorist, with plans to commit or assist a terrorist attack has these credentials, then he/she is free to go to any of these countries undetected and then conduct their illicit business as planned. More importantly, since these travel documents are being purchased, for up to $15,000 per passport, the name on them could be whatever the buyer wants it to be. SEE THE PROBLEM HERE?!?!

More horrifying yet, according to this special report, there are known members of terrorist groups like Hezbollah who were identified as buyers of these documents. The Venezuelan embassy in Iraq was selling passports and visas to special clients for almost 3 years before the FBI was tipped off by a staff member of the embassy. In addition, several of Venezuela’s government officials, have confirmed ties with terrorist countries and terrorist groups.

OUR GOVERNMENT HAS TO WORK IN DISGUISE! People need to understand that if the president is calling for this order is because there is something being prevented that the general population must not be me aware of. It is the Presidents’ job to protect all Americans and if there is intelligence about possible refugees or legal residents in question than he must act swiftly without having to divulge the details.

At the end of the day, if someone is not a citizen of this great nation, then that person must understand that their stay here is a privilege not an right.

As a last note. This is just a small example of what the dark world of terrorism is all about. Let’s not forget that groups like ISIS have original passport making equipment and materials; passports that are being made in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba, etc. They are trying their best to kill each and every one of us. Its a disturbing site to see when Americans are protesting against the very same effort being made to protect them.


Venezuela’s Vice-President: Tareck El Aissami (middle). Suspected of having strong ties with Hezbollah and other terrorist groups

Original CNN Espanol post:

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