Venezuela WILL rejoice in democracy again, but not until after 2020.


The South American country of Venezuela is at a point of such crisis that would take at least 30 years to revert. This once rich and prosperous nation has now been labeled the poorest country in the hemisphere after surpassing Haiti with immense poverty levels and corruption.

Here are some figures for you to understand the deterioration that is taking place in Venezuela. The figures show that 82% of Venezuelan households live in a condition of poverty, of which 52% are in extreme poverty and 18% are close to entering this category. In 2014, 51% of Venezuelan households were considered poor, 24.8% were in moderate poverty, and 23% were in extreme poverty. According to CNN the average minimum wage of Venezuelans is $67 a month. It is nearly impossible for anyone to survive under such low income and definitely an unreachable dream to buy a house or a car.

If you ask any citizen living inside the country or abroad, they will indisputably affirm that there is a brutal regime governing the country. Some would even go as far as calling it a narco-communist regime because of the many confirmed cases of drug deals involving the current government and its Bolivarian Officialist members.


This regime has murdered, persecuted, jailed, starved and degraded its own people for nearly 17 years now since the late President Chavez took office.  The situation is so dire that the country’s own military forces (Guardia Nacional y Fuerzas Armadas Bolivarianas), who are supposed to protect and defend the people, are killing innocent protesters who take the streets to protest against the regime.


The country is at a brink of collapsing because President Maduro has proven, time and time again, that it is not in his top list of interests to ensure a safe and secure environment for Venezuelans. All basic needs for humans have long gone and there is nothing being done remediate their absence. There is no food, no medicine, no water, no national security, no passports for travel, low income, hi poverty, no sovereignty, NO HOPE!. Furthermore, even basic items like toilet paper, soap, diapers, baby formula, tooth paste and female products have become a luxury for the majority of the population.

The point of this blog, WHY NO DEMOCRACY UNTIL 2020?  

The only option left for Venezuela to resolve this dire conflict is to wait for international involvement.  The only external force that has the manpower, capabilities, funds and that is able to step up to the plate is the US. The United States is known for coming to the aid of countries that are in the brink of collapse for example; Somalia, Haiti, Iraq, Panama, etc.

Unfortunately, this godsend miracle is unlikely to happen until the end of Trump’s current presidential term. Its is no secret that Mr. Trump doesn’t have a large Hispanic following which is going to be a “must have” when he runs for his second term in 2020.  The situation in Venezuela is so colossal that it has now become an international matter in which the UN has become greatly involved.


To each its own!

Yes, the US is the only country in the planet that puts its own interests and resources at risk for the sake of other’s, however, its not a free pass and it never will be. Just like all governments there are needs to be met in order to keep things rolling, specially in for a notorious country like the US.

It is in President Trump’s best interest for things in Venezuela to get a lot worse and to become a lot more internationally condemned by the time re-elections come around so that he comes to save the day and, unavoidably,  win over the Hispanic vote. Think about it, it makes complete sense!

Don’t misread what I’m saying, this is by no means a low blow against the US, their international politics and/or towards Trump. In fact, any assistance they can give countries like Venezuela is much needed and well overdue.

The FACT that the current Venezuelan President is Colombian shows as proof to the piracy going on within that country’s government. Yeah, you heard right, there is a COLOMBIAN BORN citizen governing VENEZUELA. If this isn’t the craziest fact you have ever heard than I don’t know what is.

I hope a different reality for Venezuela disproves my analysis and prediction of 2020 because this country and its people are literally dying as we speak. I hope and pray change comes to this beautiful country soon and drasticly.


Time to say adios!

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Go forth and do great things!

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The US attacked Libya, now what?!?!


Most of us were in shock when we learned that President Trump had ordered an attack on a Syrian military installation as retaliation for Bashar al-Assad’s chemical attack against his own people. This ferocious reaction shook the nation as we had not seen any retort taken against al-Assad’s taunting from the previous administration.

All Americans, radical terrorists, rouge nations and the rest of the world became used to the fact that, under President Obama’s reigning, the United States will do nothing more than deliver a condemning speech when these kinds of atrocities took place. A perfect example of such cowardly and sedentary attitude by ex-president Obama was the vile chemical attach of August 2013. “A team of UN chemical weapons inspectors have confirmed that the nerve agent sarin was used in an attack on the Ghouta agricultural belt around Damascus on the morning of 21 August.” This defying attack came 7 months after Obama drew a line in the sand by saying that the US will attack Libya’s regime if they ever used chemical weapons. I thing they called your bluff Mr. Obama!


Of course al-Assad, like most current terrorist organization, was under the impression that the US had become complacent and was reluctant to any involvement in international matters. WRONG! President Trump took a bold and decisive action against a clear human rights violation.

According to the Whitehouse’s official page, President Trump “ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched.  It is in this vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.  There can be no dispute that Syria used banned chemical weapons, violated its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention, and ignored the urging of the U.N. Security Council”


Many critics and supporters alike are scratching their heads to what’s next on the Syria-US agenda. You want to know what’s going to happen next? The US is on defensive mode and therefore nothing else will occur unless a provocation is presented. Many people are screaming WWIII after Trump’s bombing, especially because Russia is backing Assad, but the reality is that, Russia’s assets are tied in the upcoming Zapad 2017 exercise and Putin simply can’t afford attacking the US at the moment.

putin assad

It is now clear that the US, under President Trump’s administration, will not standby and only verbally condemn the atrocities conducted by these barbarians. The US has sent a clear and prominent message to the world; we will act on behalf of those who are victimized, we will strike for those who can’t strike back and we are no longer neutral bystanders of inhumane and evil actions.

For those who seek more action by the US it is hard to say if Trump will go beyond reactive attacks. I understand this may come as bad news to those who are on the ground in Syria but until NATO unites and calls for a uniformed offensive, any major scale attack is out of the picture.

May God bless and protect the innocent!


Time to say adios!

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LOSE WEIGHT the smart way… WARNING, this is not your average weight loss guru!


I’m sure you, as the rest of all Americans, have seen and heard it all when it comes to shedding a few extra pounds. Some ads adversities magic pills, supernatural meals, Special Forces workout routines and some even promise you to make you lose weight with regression. Yeah, sure!

What I’m about to tell you is going to blow your mind! This is not a “magic trick” to making you look your thinnest, not at all! What you are about to read is going to change your perspective on getting fitter and living a healthier life.


The first thing I want to tell you is that I am living proof of this. I once was 210 lbs of pure fat. Now I have been able to maintain a healthy weight of 175 for almost 8 years now. There is no magic pill or voodoo practice needed.

Step 1. Excessive eating is your #1 enemy!

This is the hardest habit to overcome but the most rewarding of them all! This nutrition plan isn’t your average but it will be easy and affordable to do.

-Breakfast: whatever you decide to eat needs to be in small amounts. Eat enough to keep you going but half of what your current portion is. Also, YOU MUST AVOID greasy foods (bacon, sausage, excessive butter, mayonnaise, etc). Exclude high sugar content foods from your breakfast (sodas, artificial juices, jelly, etc).

Example of the ideal breakfast: 1 or two loafs of bread (toasted), scrambled or boiled eggs, ham or turkey, a banana or ½ apple, a cup of water or half a cup of natural juice.

-Lunch: 8-10 oz of protein (chicken, fish, turkey, ham, goat, lamb, steak), all the vegetable you can eat, a small side starches (potatoes, rice, bread, plantain), a big cup of water (no sodas or juice) and dessert (a small side of anything you want to eat as dessert).

-Dinner has to be the smallest portion of food you have and cannot be consumed after 7pm.

An ideal dinner can be: 2 toasts, half a can of tuna, a slice of cheese and a cup of water. DO NOT CONSUME sodas, juice, fried food, cereals, bacon, pancakes, heavy protein or sweets.



Step 2. Any exercise is good exercise!

You must commit to workout for a minimum of 15 – 20 minutes at least 3 times a week. If you don’t exercise along with a good, balance diet then you are doomed! We need to understand that the body needs to sweat and needs to burn toxins stored in your body. This is the only way to lose weight.

home work


You must believe in yourself. This is not an impossible task as you can see and the sooner you start getting in a rhythm the sooner you will start seeing your body change. Have faith, create a plan, stick to your guns and surround yourself with people who support your new eating habits.


This is going to be the simplest diet plan you would ever see and I promise you, when you start feeling and looking better, you will be addicted to the new and improved you.



Time to say adios!

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Go forth and do great things!

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Ex-GITMO detainee returns to terrorism with a BANG!


ISIS recently announced that Ex-GITMO detainee, Jamal Udeen Al-Harith aka Abu-Zakariya al-Britani, became a martyr when he blew himself up near Mosul last Sunday.  This wouldn’t normally serve as news because ISIS members are known for this kind of brutality. However, it does shed light into the reality of an underrated problem with the release of those who are suspected of terrorism activities.

More importantly, it clearly serves as proof to the activists who have voiced their wish to release those who are captive at the Guantanamo Bay prison. It corroborates the fact that the release of known and self proclaimed terrorists will eventually come back to hunt us.  Furthermore, and even more frightening is the fact that Abu-Zakariya al-Britani, who’s real name was Ronald Fiddler, was released from GITMO knowing he was a terrorist and even received a seven figure payoff by the British Government because, as he claimed, he was brutally tortured while detained.


Was he brutally tortured? Its very unlikely according to official reports, and even if he was water-boarded, that doesn’t legally constitute as torture. Now, I’m not saying we should torture and abuse our detainees, not at all, but terrorists like al-Britani should be dealt with accordingly under the law as opposed to being set free.

According to the New York Post “He was set free in 2004 after British then-Home Secretary David Blunkett, a member of the Prime Minister Tony Blair’s government, lobbied for his release, saying he had been abused while detained. At the time of his release, Blunkett said, “No one who returned… will actually be a threat to the security of the British people.”

I wonder what’s on Mr. Blunkett’s mind today??? Wait, I know this one! THE BURDEN OF THE 7 LIVES LOST ON SUNDAY BECAUSE OF THE ATTACKS!


This should be an eye opener to those who so ferociously support the release of GITMO detainees. I said it once and I will say it again; these monsters don’t think like you and I. Their quest to kill others will never be extinguished and those who support their early release might as well be ISIS supporters too.

We are talking about a full-blown, bonafide, hardcore radical extremist, that was labeled as a high threat to the US, its interests and allies.   A real life bad guy who was set free and paid over $1.5 million dollars for his “abuse and wrongful detainment” who, just so happened, went right back to what he was accused for in the first place.


This isn’t a rare situation neither. According to 9 ex-GITMO detainees released by President Obama are confirmed to be directly involved in terrorism or insurgent activities and 113 released by President Bush have re-engaged in some type of terror-tied activity.

Do the math, out of the total amount of detainees ever held at this prison (780 total), 122 of them have returned to their old habits, that’s a whopping 15%!!!

Another infamous proof of such is the case of ex-GITMO detainee, Moazzem Begg, who was arrested in 2014 in a terrorism case. Begg, a British father-of-four, is suspected of attending a Syria terrorist training camp and facilitating terrorism overseas, police said.


We need to stop encouraging the early release of these supposed terrorists. Its obvious that we cant hold them forever, got it, but there needs to be a better innocence verification process for these suspects. Furthermore, no solemn, self protecting nation should subdue to the petition of a detainee suspected of terror because he feels he was mistreated while captured. Much less be given over a million dollars for his “distress”!

In closing, I will leave you with these questions. What do you think al-Britani used the $1.5 million dollar payoff for? What was the British people’s hard earned money ultimately applied towards?

Time to say adios!

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                                                       DEATH TO AMERICA, they chanted!

Last week the citizens if Iran took to the streets to publicize their fury against the US. According to Reuters news, hundreds of thousands of people rallied in the streets to publicly command death to USA and Israel. 

The press and national media are too busy pointing the finger in trying to allocate the source of such discontent from the Iranian people.  Conveniently enough, the best and most reliable target available is President Trump.  Now, don’t get me wrong I am not a Trump supporter nor do I thrive on his demise. I am, though, a conscious, four finger fore headed human which is able to see the REALITY of things.

The media is trying to say, that Trump is guilty of such outcome because he recently slammed the nuclear deal that Obama gave Iran. That because Trump put Iran “on notice” they, all of the sudden, became so angry at America that they now hate us.

Let me inform our readers of the candid REALITY of this situation. Iran has been publicly wishing for our death and our demise for at least 15 years now. Don’t believe for a second that Trump lashing out at Iran in the recent days, is the reason why we now have a NEW enemy.  

Iran is a terrorist state. They support terrorism, nuclear destruction, extremism, death and participate in bringing uncertainty to the US and our allies. They have been our enemy for many year. They have wished us death during the Clinton, Bush, Obama and current administration all along, nothing has changed!

Iran is a country that wants to remove the US from the face of the globe. That is a fact! It is also a fact that nuclear weapons do just that, wipeout entire continents indiscriminately. So why in the world would a president of this great nation strike a deal which allows, a hair triggered country like Iran, to have any kind of nuclear activity?!?!?

President Trump, child-like reaction and all, is the only president of our time that has publicly unveiled this terrorist state. No president, ever, should allow a terrorist country that looks to eliminate us to have any nuclear capabilities. No solemn, righteous, patriotic citizen of this country should ever permit the rest of our nation to be targeted in this manner.


This isn’t a Trump or Obama situation, this is a BE REALISTIC situation. The media is unable to categorize the reality of this treacherous condition. Look at the big picture for a second. Thousands of people from a different country are urging death to America and all we can think of is that Trump is a bully? Really?

I firmly agree with those that say that our president needs to receive better guidance on how to address these kind of situations. Heck, I even agree with those who say he isn’t the best fit for the presidency. But I refuse to believe that we should back down to Iran because they got upset after we rightfully called them out for violating UN resolutions.   


Conclusion: My intent isn’t to stir feelings of conflict between Iranians and Americans. The purpose of this article is to create and urge for a much needed awareness on this issue. Unfortunately for us, the media has anchored on the ability to raise their ratings by highlighting the wrongdoings committed by this administration. Remember that the doings of today could still be suffered after Trump is gone. The same thing happened with actions taken by Clinton, Bush, Obama and every other president before them.

We need to forget about blue or red affiliations and understand that at the end of the day, we the people, suffer the consequences of how crucial situations are handled.    


Time to say adios!

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Go forth and do great things!















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The 2017 Iran-American War


The US is now inconveniently situated at a crossroads between a very subtle and submissive Obama versus a more rebellious and controversial Trump. For the most part, presidential candidates throughout history have been known for voicing out an array of wishful promises and guarantees just to get more ballots on their side. President Trump was not the exception as we all know. However, his promises included an assortment of pledges too controversial and provocative for any former presidential candidates to even dream of saying out loud.

This week President Trump has been very active in the international relations arena. Topics like border protection, illegal immigration, economic restructures and the coexistence with Iran have been red hot issues in every news source around the globe.

The resent friction between Iran and the US began after Iran violated UN Resolution 2231 by testing long-range missiles. Rightfully so, President Trump reacted against such action which clearly violates all agreements between a terror-prominent Iran and the UN. The fallacy lays in the context of his reaction. President Trump lashed out by putting Iran “on notice” which was a clear provocation as we have now seen the outcome.

Is there an Iran-American war in the horizon? The short answer is No, in my opinion, but that doesn’t mean the chances of it actually occurring aren’t high or likely. That doesn’t mean that the friction between us, Iran and its radical allies won’t amount to a progressive problem for the US.

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight! Iran couldn’t bear to withstand the military might of the US and its powerful allies; not a chance! However (coma), Iran isn’t a feeble adversary. Iran isn’t the type of country that would fold by just dropping in a few bombs and by sending our dominant military forces into. We have to analyze and conjugate the religion piece of the problem, a possible Fatwa!


A Fatwa is a ruling on a point of Islamic law given by a recognized authority. For Muslim extremists, it is used under a different scope; it’s applied as a pronouncement of death or a declaration of war. This is exactly what caused 9/11, the USS Cole attack and all other terrorists attacks since mid 1998.

The war in Afghanistan and Iraq are directly tied to a religious belief that all Muslims must do their part to kill Americans. This isn’t the same as a simple directive of Westerners; like a suggestion that we should all recycle in order to save our planet, not at all! This is an obligation, a duty and a commitment to successfully accomplish a religious commandment to honor a sacred legacy.

If we go to war with them, we won’t just fight just Iran. We would engage against Iran, its unpredictable allies (Iraq, Lebanon, Russia, Palestine, Syria), every single Islamic nation and every Muslim disciple who comes to interpret the war as a violation against their religion. This is exactly what happened in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and precisely what drove extremist groups like ISIS to have the incredible extent of popularity and support we now see.


Can we go to war against Iran? Absolutely, we have more firepower, a better economy and the mightiest war machine of our time. The real question is, SHOULD we go to war with Iran? The realistic answer would be, NO. We should avoid this tone of conversation with Iran and all other Muslim countries. Not out of fear, absolutely not, but out of wisdom and because we have already experienced the outcome of what a religious war.

This doesn’t mean we should fear, obey or agree with every terrorist-minded country in the globe. Our principles as a sovereign nation are unblemished and victorious. We represent the free will and the dream of anyone who wants a better future. We have, are and will always reach to help those who need a helping hand and those who want to stand on the right side of history.

That being said, those very same principles are what obligate us to avoid all wars if permissive.

Time to say adios!

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Go forth and do great things!


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Support the Travel Ban or suffer the consequences.


As an Afghanistan Veteran and an intelligence analyst I have been involved in many missions that embark towards the dark side of the unknown. The reality is that most people from the Middle East are goodhearted, hardworking, profound, spiritual individuals; truly excellent human beings! However, there is a small percentage, about 0.1%, who are extremists with ties to terrorism.

I want to keen on a special broadcast aired last night (02/06/2017) from the news network CNN Español. This hour long special report, with a full year of investigations and analysis,  depicts exactly why we need to reevaluate and examine immigration policies for countries in the Middle East and perhaps expand the ban to other regions of the world.

The travel ban or travel restraint (whatever is being called today), has been on and off since it was implemented by president Trump. The 7 countries under this ban are Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. There has been a wide response to such order and the protests have not ceased, for the most part, by those who oppose this action and who support immigration.

I definitely understand and could side in some areas with those fighting to reject such action but the reality of life is that WE ARE AT WAR and harsh measures must be taken. Most civilians may not see the big picture and may not understand the capacity of the problem. In reality, the current uncontrolled immigration issue is a big one. A situation far beyond the comprehension of those who are not involved in enforcing our national security.

Key Point

According to this remarkable report, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is assumed to have illegally sold original travel passports and ID’s (Cedulas) to a large number of men and women from the Middle East. Evidence shows that hundreds of people from Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon and others are currently traveling the world with valid credentials from this country. These are people who were not born in Venezuela and have never even set foot in this South American region.

This is a huge problem for the US and for the international community. Fortunately, you cannot enter the US just by having a Venezuelan’s passport; Venezuelans need a US visa in order to obtain access to this country. However, there are more than 120 countries to which Venezuelans are allowed to travel without the request of a visa and this is where the problem lays.


Many countries in Europe, Africa, Latin & Central America and the Caribbean allow Venezuelans to enter their homeland without a visa. If a terrorist, with plans to commit or assist a terrorist attack has these credentials, then he/she is free to go to any of these countries undetected and then conduct their illicit business as planned. More importantly, since these travel documents are being purchased, for up to $15,000 per passport, the name on them could be whatever the buyer wants it to be. SEE THE PROBLEM HERE?!?!

More horrifying yet, according to this special report, there are known members of terrorist groups like Hezbollah who were identified as buyers of these documents. The Venezuelan embassy in Iraq was selling passports and visas to special clients for almost 3 years before the FBI was tipped off by a staff member of the embassy. In addition, several of Venezuela’s government officials, have confirmed ties with terrorist countries and terrorist groups.

OUR GOVERNMENT HAS TO WORK IN DISGUISE! People need to understand that if the president is calling for this order is because there is something being prevented that the general population must not be me aware of. It is the Presidents’ job to protect all Americans and if there is intelligence about possible refugees or legal residents in question than he must act swiftly without having to divulge the details.

At the end of the day, if someone is not a citizen of this great nation, then that person must understand that their stay here is a privilege not an right.

As a last note. This is just a small example of what the dark world of terrorism is all about. Let’s not forget that groups like ISIS have original passport making equipment and materials; passports that are being made in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba, etc. They are trying their best to kill each and every one of us. Its a disturbing site to see when Americans are protesting against the very same effort being made to protect them.


Venezuela’s Vice-President: Tareck El Aissami (middle). Suspected of having strong ties with Hezbollah and other terrorist groups

Original CNN Espanol post:

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So, you want to be in the MILITARY???…


So you want to be a badass, fire breathing, ass kicking, tabaco chewing US military member huh?

Well you are in luck! It just so happens that I have plenty of ammunition (information) for those who are looking to join the best and most powerful military force on this planet.

Before you even think about going down to see a recruiter these are the most important questions you must ask yourself.

      1. Why do I want to join the military?

If your reasons for joining the service include hating your mom, getting back at your ugly ex-girlfriend, traveling the world and/or I want to be cool… then you better think again!

The military isn’t for everyone, especially for those who think as I just described above. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t join the military if your mom is too tough on her little angle (you). Go ahead and signed on next to the X! This just means that your experience is going to suck that much more.

Traveling the world is a bunch of garbage, especially if you join the Reserves! Look kid, when the government owns you, there are 2 things and 2 things only available at your disposal; orders to follow and sucky duty stations. If everyone would be guaranteed to be stationed at Naval Station Key West then believe me, even terrorists would become American service members.

Cool isn’t written anywhere in the contract. If you think that because you want to join the Coast Guard you are now “cool”, you better not even waste your time. Being a service member makes you UNIQUE. Very few jobs in the military would label you a cool dude, at least in the eyes of veterans and people that are in the suck. Special Forces is definitely a cool guy’s job but only a very slim percentage gets to claim that label.   

       2. Which branch do you want to join?

You better do your homework and be sure what branch you decide to join. A quick guide to what branch to join is as follows:

-Navy: Never Again Volunteer Yourself (N.A.V.Y) almost no combat jobs, plenty of underway time, get ready to be called a butt pirate or semen (Seamen), go Seabess aka combat/construction monsters.


-Army: Ain’t Ready for Marines Yet (A.R.M.Y). Plenty of opportunities to get shot at and blown up. Crappy sleeping conditions, MRE’s and a good source for going Special Forces.


-Air Force: Unofficially called “The Chair Force” Living conditions of a prince, slim chances of getting killed, high chances of breaking a nail, good pilot options, not for adrenaline junkies.


-Marines: My Ass Rides In Navy Equipments (M.A.R.I.N.E.S) Considered to be the most fierce fighter in the battlefield, more likely to get killed or shot. Exposed to the must crappy living conditions, there is a lot expected from you. You will part of the Navy, like it or not.   


Coast Guard: Go Fish!

        3. Reserves or Active Duty?

 They usually have a higher bonus to go reserves, this is because it sucks to be in the reserves. It could be a good option for someone who doesn’t want to leave mommy 100%. Or for those who are too afraid of losing their GF to Jody (you will learn who Jody is, TRUST ME!)

If you want to join the military for schooling benefits reserves is a good option. However, not all branches have reserve school assistance available. The Army has something called Tuition Assistance, they pay a great percentage (if not all) of your college tuition.

As a reservist, you will have a double life with double the responsibilities. If you get a DIU you can get reprimanded both as a civilian and by your command, not apt for drunks!   

Ultimately, do your homework, don’t believe everything your recruiter tells you and don’t get blinded by a bonus. Research all jobs, all branches and compare benefits.

Good luck!





40 million Americans suffer from this disorder


I’m sure we all have had a night or two of sleeplessness at some point, no big deal! What if you spend more nights than not lying awake until 2, 3 or 4 am? Unfortunately, you may have a severe case of insomnia!

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, about 40 million people in the United States suffer from chronic long-term sleep disorders each year and an additional 20 million people experience occasional sleep problems.

Sleep disorder could lead to SUICIDE

People who suffer from this disorder tend to think about, and in some cases commit, suicide because they eventually lose hope of ever remedying the problem. The support, understanding and love from those around you is imperative to get through this amendable problem.

According to a study done on 423 veterans, 45.4 percent of those who had committed suicide had clinician documented sleep disturbance. This an alarming issue for everyone but more so for Veterans because of the experiences related to war.

I have personally suffered from insomnia for the better part of my adulthood but has become more pronounced since I came back from Afghanistan in 2013. Most nights I would feel exhausted, tired and achy by the time I would get to bed but no matter how ready to sleep my body was, I just couldn’t get my brain to shut down.

I wanted to write this blog for people to understand what sleep disorder is all about and to encourage those who suffer from it to seek PROFESSIONAL help. I want to put emphasis on “professional” because many people look to self-medicate, or worse practices, in order to aid this terrible disorder.

The first thing you must do is realize that there is a problem. Most people fail to pay attention to the symptoms of sleep disorder and end up spending years just “dealing with it”. Trust me, I know, I spent many years in denial myself. I spent many nights in distress and anguish knowing that no matter how hard I tried, how bad I wanted to, I just wasn’t going to get much sleep.

I tried almost everything most people could think of. I tried Nyquil, over the counter sleeping pills, teas, relaxation techniques, regressions and even consuming alcohol. I don’t recommend this last one to anyone! The problem with alcohol consumption is the fact that at the beginning a single beer may be sufficient, next thing you know, you’re chugging 3 beers to get the same effect of one. In some cases some people move on to hard liquor and end up having a drinking problems in addition to insomnia. Don’t try this at home folks!


The problem with insomnia is that you can be in a house full of people but you’re the only one awake. Even worse, if your roommate or partner is in the same room then you could cause them to limit their sleep because you are tossing and turning all through the night.

Educate yourself

According to, there are more than 70 different sleep disorders, which are generally classified into one of three categories:

  • lack of sleep (e.g., insomnia),
  • disturbed sleep (e.g., obstructive sleep apnea), and
  • excessive sleep (e.g., narcolepsy).

Just because natural medicines didn’t work for me doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. I am not a doctor, don’t know how to even apply a band aid really, but I do recommend trying natural options before you move on to prescription pills.

Try herbal teas, yoga, natural sleeping pills, a balanced diet, exercise and meditation. If the symptoms persist, consult with your doctor about non-habit creating drugs first before you start taking hardcore drugs. PLEASE GO SEE A DOCTOR FOR YOUR SLEEP DISORDER!

Health risks related to sleep disorder

WebMD talks about 10 to top things caused by sleep loss. In my opinion the most important risks to consider are:

  • heart disease
  • heart attack
  • heart failure
  • irregular heartbeat
  • high blood pressure
  • stroke
  • diabetes


Understand you may have a problem, get professional help, educate yourself and those around you and remember, you are not alone! I hope this gets to help those suffering from this awful disorder, there is help!



Time to say adios!

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47% of Americans don’t have $400 in savings


Before I begin this article I want to make clear that this blog isn’t about eliminating taxes and/or about the stigma of the American people being desecrated by some evil plot from our government to enslave us through taxation.

I am originally from Miami, Florida, oh yeah, the sunshine state! Where your average margarita will cost you based on the paradisiac scenery and the half-naked server bringing it to you. Where there is more luxury per square inch than a diamond pit in Sierra Leone. Where the income of those who live and work in these exotic and glamorous lands seem to surpass the average paycheck!

I think not! Perhaps it isn’t the fact that Floridians have a greater financial abundance. Actually, it’s the fact that their paychecks aren’t crucified with extensive taxations that allows them to live life more comfortably.

I moved to the Washington DC area in search of a better income and a more prosperous life for my family and I. I had just graduated from college, have a wife and two small children and a dream to succeed in life (I have a dream!). After receiving a “lucrative” offer (lucrative for a junior mortal like myself) to come work for a government contractor, I decided to go for it and fear no evil.

Come to find out, Virginia has both state and government tax. Double the taxes taken from other states like Florida. According to, the median income in Virginia is $62,666 where the average paycheck deduction fluctuates between 22% and 25%. Now do the math, $62K comes out to $3,994 per month after taxes ($47,928 per year) and the average annual expenses for two working adults with two children is $33,091.

This will leave an average family with just $14,837 left per year for additional expenses, savings and or vacation. $1236 per month doesn’t sound so bad right? WRONG! If a middle class family decides to buy a home, where would they get the 20% needed to begin the purchase? How does a father or mother afford to give a substantial down payment to buy a car? If you have a medical emergency, how do you afford not to work?

According to, 47% of Americans would not be able to come up with $400 for an emergency. THAT IS INSANE!



States like Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming don’t have state taxes and therefore leave an extra chunk of change left in your pocket. If the average income of $62K gets deducted from Florida’s average tax deduction of 11% that would leave you with $4598 per month! That’s $604 more a month than those residing in states like Virginia. I don’t know about your house but in mine, $600 pesos, go a long way!

Moral of the blog:

  1. Before you take a leap of faith and go to another state, make sure you research income vs expense ratios for that state. Don’t get caught up in a situation where you and your family are getting less money per month because of over taxing and lack of research.
  2. Make sure you have a clear view of what your expenses will amount to be and how to start saving money each month.
  3. Choose affordability over luxury. It’s better to have a nice, affordable home than a luxurious pad that leaves you with a broke bank.

Time to say adios!

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